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The Idiot Test

idiot testThe Idiot Test game is very exciting online flash game which will show how smart you are. Are you smart enough to get through The Idiot Test? Everyone thinks they can outsmart and beat this fun fast paced game, but in reality it takes a lot of determination. The purpose of the game is simple, follow the commands on the screen to pass the level, seems easy enough right? Yet the game is meant to trick you into picking the wrong answer. It is very fast paced and you have to think really quickly. Most of the questions are common sense yet, the player is left in a state of confusion when they don't pass. The game play is really upbeat and quick, you are prompted on screen to follow the directions, make one mistake and you must start over. It is also rather funny and fun to play with a group of friends, be warned, you will be called and idiot in and out of the game if you don't pass! Be warned you will at times get frustrated if you do not beat the game, but what fun is a easy road to success. Make sure to get ready to think, The Idiot Test game has some really easy directions like "click the blue square" but once you decide you know what's going on, things get crazy. You never know what to expect, just know that some levels are easy, and some are really hard. Be sure not to overthink the prompt and act quickly and confidently. Do you positively know your colors, shapes, numbers, directions? Do you think quickly and efficiently on your feet? Maybe you think you have what it takes to not be labeled the "idiot" of your friends? Have a try and I guarantee you will have a blast, and who knows maybe you will pass and be deemed the group genius. The Idiot Game is a blast to test yourself and your fiends.

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